Logos and Site Boards Designs

Registered Practices Logos

Registered Practices are entitled and encouraged to use the LI Registered Practice logo on marketing or publicity material, such as brochures, websites, letterhead, email footers and business cards.

There are 2 versions of the LI Registered Practice logo available – mono and full colour.

To save the logo files, click below on the image you want, which will open it in new screen, then right click and choose ‘save image’.

Registered Practices Site Board Design Guidelines

Registered Practices are encouraged to use sign boards to promote their practice and association with the Institute on site.

Rules of use:
– Only Practices or offices which are currently registered with the Institute are permitted to use the guidelines and LI Registered Practice logos.
– A practice or office found to be misusing these could face legal action and/or disciplinary proceedings.

Download the design guidelines:


Download Registered Practice logos in EPS format:

Registered Practice MONO
Registered Practice CMYK
Registered Practice PMS