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Why Become a Fellow of the Landscape Institute?

Fellow of the Landscape Institute is the highest form of Chartered membership awarded to its innovators, leaders and ambassadors.

The award of Fellowship of the Landscape Institute (FLI), recognises those who have made a special contribution to the development and promotion of the landscape profession. It is a demonstration of professionalism that is achieved through a rigorous assessment of an individual’s knowledge, skills and experience.

As a Fellow, you will be respected for championing the integrity of the profession, promoting and strictly adhering to the LI Code of Practice. In addition, you will shape and guide the future of the profession by providing guidance and thought leadership.

You will also automatically become a member of The College of Fellows (CofF). The CofF acts as an expert knowledge group and the Chair of the College acts as the main liaison with the Board and CEO, providing a consultative and advisory role aligned with the LIs plans and strategies.

If you would like to be recognised for your experience and knowledge in the landscape profession, then apply to become a Fellow of the Landscape Institute today.

How to Become a Fellow

There are two routes to Fellowship. The first is progressing from Chartered to Fellow (C2F), and the second is directly becoming a Fellow based on experience (E2F).



To be eligible for election to Fellowship, members must show that they have had practical experience of, and responsibility for, important work in landscape architecture.

This is done by matching your skills and experience against the LI Competency Framework.

Encompassing professional competencies, core landscape competencies, and additional landscape competencies, the LI Competency Framework is flexible, adaptable and designed to support landscape professionals as they progress in their career.

Please also note that any application is not an automatic award to Fellowship, but an application for consideration.

Apply now

N.B. Fees will be pro-rated to the beginning of the previous quarter.

Chartered to Fellow (C2F)

If you are already Chartered, you can apply to be a fellow by:

  • Applying directly in your own right
  • Being nominated by 2 LI members (at least 1 FLI)

Applications deadline dates for each quarter are as follows:

  • 13 November 2023
  • 23 February 2024


Expert to Fellow (E2F)

If you are not a Chartered member, you can still apply to become a Fellow directly based on your skills and experience.

  • Application deadlines: TBC


Important Info

Annual subscription
Fellow FLI
Application Fee (Assessment Panel Only)£50.00

Post nominals

Fellow Members, under the LI’s Charter, are entitled to use the post-nominals FLI.

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