Digital Practice Series

The Digital Practice (DP) documents have been adapted from original publications for the benefit for LI Registered Practices. The original publishers have licensed these documents to the LI to provide guidance for those responsible for the design and management of landscapes.

DP1 – Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (June 2017)

This document is for Registered Practices that generate, complete and review pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs). Based on the questions shown in PAS 91:2013, it helps PQQ users add value to the procurement chain by providing guidance on the seeking, generation and review of information.
Download DP1 – Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PDF, 815 KB)

DP2 – Employer’s Information Requirements (December 2017)

This document is for Registered Practices that create, complete and review employer’s information requirements documents (EIRs). Based on PAS 1192-2:2013 – one of the documents included within the government mandate for the adoption of Level 2 BIM for central government-procured contracts – it provides specific guidance on the information management requirements of projects delivered using BIM.
Download DP2 – Employer’s Information Requirements (PDF, 880 KB)