Code of Practice

As a professional organisation constituted under a Royal Charter, the Landscape Institute seeks to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and built environment for the benefit of the public through the promotion of landscape architecture.  It places a strong emphasis on the integrity, competence and professionalism of its members, and therefore requires all members to conduct themselves in accordance with a Code of Practice within their professional and business life.

The Code should be considered central to the professional life of a Landscape Professional not only as a source of ethical guidance, but also as a common-sense indicator to principles of good practice.  It is only through the maintenance of high standards by individuals that landscape architecture as a whole will be served, the public will be protected and the profession as a whole will thrive.

Conduct and Complaints

If loss or damage is suffered as a result of the action of a member of the Landscape Institute, the first course of action is to seek to reach an agreement with the member through negotiation or mediation, or redress through arbitration or through the courts.
If a member of the public is dissatisfied with the professional conduct of a Landscape Institute member or dissatisfied with a service provided by the Landscape Institute and wishes to make a complaint, the procedure is set out below.

Complaints against LI members

The Landscape Institute is responsible for ensuring that its members meet the requirements of the Code of Practice.

Guidelines for Making a Complaint gives advice to anyone who may be dissatisfied with the professional conduct of an Institute member.

The guidelines aim to assist in determining whether there are grounds for making a complaint, set out the steps someone would need to follow to make a complaint and the process that will be undertaken in reaching a decision.

Matters the Landscape Institute can investigate

The Landscape Institute only has powers to deal with LI members’ breaches of the organisation’s By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations.

Matters the Landscape Institute cannot investigate

It is important to note that the LI does not resolve the complaint itself – that remains a matter between the complainant and the member concerned.  The LI can only investigate matters that relate to breaches of its rules or regulations.
The Institute cannot:

  • Deal with concerns or complaints about anyone who is not a member of the LI
  • Pay compensation or instruct a member to do so
  • Determine whether a member or firm has acted negligently (this is for the courts to decide)
  • Interfere with or become involved in court action against a member or firm

Guidelines for Making a Complaint
Disciplinary Regulations
Code of Practice
Complaint Form
Complaints Journey Map

Complaints against the LI

The Institute continually seeks to improve on the standard of our service but recognise there may be occasions when things may go wrong. We welcome feedback and suggestions about things we do well, where there is room for improvement and ideas about what we should be doing in the future.
If you are dissatisfied with a service provided by the Landscape Institute or wish to submit feedback please download the service-based complaint procedures.

Complaints while working within LI Groups (brought under the LI’s Working Together Policy)

The LI’s Working Together Policy aims to provide a less formal opportunity to resolve issues between volunteers, staff and members of different LI Groups.

The landscape profession is diverse and dynamic and our working environment is modern and inclusive. It is important to harness the enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and skills from both the profession and our staff. LI and its Trustees are under an obligation, through our duty of care, to meet high standards of behaviour. We are committed to ensure that all our people are treated (and treat others) with dignity and respect, free from bullying or harassment or any form of unprofessional behaviour.

Those working with the LI are expected to work together with courtesy and respect in order to ensure the greatest level of productivity and working harmony.  This requires individuals working with the LI to proactively listen to the views of others, share their own considerately and respect any differences.

For those wishing to make a complaint under the policy, please review the documents below:

Working Together Policy
Complaints (WTP) Journey Map


The LI’s Whistleblowing Policy sets out the overall approach of the Institute to Whistleblowing for members, volunteers, staff, including associates, contractors and consultants

Whistleblowing Policy

Vexatious Complaints

The LI’s Vexatious Complaints Policy sets out the overall approach of the Institute to vexatious complaints for members, volunteers, staff, including associates, contractors and consultants

Vexatious Complaints Policy