Chartered Membership

Chartered Membership (CMLI) of the Landscape Institute is the mark of quality and excellence for the profession. It communicates to employers and clients that they can expect the highest standards of professional knowledge and quality of service.

Being Chartered is a commitment to continuing your professional development, keeping you at the top of your profession. It is a public and professional declaration that you follow a Code of Professional Conduct. In an developing world, professional ethics and judgement are highly valued.


CMLI is open to Members who have successfully completed the LI’s Pathway to Chartership.

Alternatively, individuals who have passed or hold an equivalent Chartered status in another country, it is possible for you to apply via our Chartership Assessment Panel (part of Member Panel).

The Chartership Assessment Panel will judge the strength of your application based on your existing chartership status, work, academic experience, and your knowledge of UK Law and Practice. If the Chartership Assessment Panel approve your application you will be offered Chartered membership of the LI.

The Chartership Assessment Panel considers applications four times a year, in January, April, July and October. The Panel meets around the 14th of the month, so please ensure your application is in well before that time.

Please note: the LI always recommend the completion of the LI Chartership exam, via the Pathway to Chartership. This ensures that the applicant has received the very best in landscape education, and is therefore eligible for Chartered membership of the LI.
There is no guarantee of eligibility, but the Chartership Assessment Panel will offer feedback to any unsuccessful applicant on what is needed to submit a successful application. Applications are assessed by three members of the Chartership Assessment Panel, who are all CMLI or FLI, and are very experienced in assessing applicants from all backgrounds.

Email your application to membership: 


The Member year runs from 1st June to 31st May

  Annual subscription
Chartered CMLI
Application Fee £250.00

Benefits of Chartered Membership

Join the Conversation

  • We regularly tweet news, events, and updates through @TalkLandscape
  • On Talking Landscape, an online network for Landscape Institute members there are forums on technical issues, landscape architecture ideas, and Institute activities.
  • You can subscribe to member-only email updates about events, industry news and LI policy, technical news and member initiatives.
  • Landscape Journal is sent to members every quarter – you will automatically receive this as part of your membership.
  • The LI publishes resources for landscape practitioners, clients, decision-makers, and professionals in the built and natural environment.

Enhance your learning – with 25% off access to LI Campus, member discounts on LI events, and exclusive business skills courses from Firestarter

  • LI Campus is our video platform, with a large library of educational content for landscape professionals. Catch up on CPD days, webinars and other events, from the convenience of your pc or tablet. All Chartered members get a 25% discount on purchases made on LI Campus during their membership
  • All LI members get member-only pricing on LI events, including CPD and other training
  • All LI members get exclusive access to bespoke Firestarter courses on ‘Better Business Development’, ‘Practical Business Planning’ and ‘Building a Winning Team’

Have your say

  • As a Chartered Member you have a voice in how the Institute is run – through voting at Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings, and LI Elections, standing for elected positions and and committee membership.


  • Chartered Members, under the LI’s Charter, are entitled to use the post-nominals CMLI.

Use our Resources

  • The Landscape Institute has documents on Green Infrastructure, Water, Housing, Public Health, and Liveability on the Policy pages.
  • In the Technical pages, technical guidance is available on BIM, GLVIA, Plant Health, and Visualisation.
  • In the Member’s only area are LI reports such as the annual Communications Survey, the Employment and Salary Survey, and governance papers.

Get Involved

  • If you don’t already, find a role within the Landscape Institute that suits your levels of experience and availability. Find out how to get involved, and what type of role will suit you in Get Involved.
  • The LI Ambassador for Landscape scheme is an exciting opportunity for you to inspire the next generation of landscape architects, and to demonstrate the creative and rewarding career options open to them. We are looking to all LI Members to champion the profession and help enthuse the next generation of landscape professionals.
  • There are 12 regional branches of the LI across the UK, plus one for International members. You can join your local branch, as well as get updates on activities in other branches. Find out what’s going on in your area through the branches page.

Connect with the Industry

  • Help encourage the next generation of landscape architects through the LI’s careers website, Choose Landscape. There’s information on courses, funding, projects, job types, and more.
  • You can sign up for email alerts about new jobs as soon as they are advertised on our Jobs webpage. Or place an advert for recruitment.