Design for walled garden at RHS Garden Bridgewater, by Tom Stuart-Smith
Design for walled garden at RHS Garden Bridgewater, by Tom Stuart-Smith

AGMs and EGMs

Annual General Meetings

The LI usually holds its Annual General Meeting in November each year.  The main business of the AGM is normally:

To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held the previous year
Presentation from the President of the Landscape Institute
Presentation from the Honorary Treasurer
To receive and approve the Trustees’ Report and Annual Accounts of the Institute for the previous financial year
To approve the appointment or reappointment of the Institute’s auditors

2020 AGM
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are planning to hold the 2020 AGM as a mainly digital meeting on 04 February 2021 aligned to the Advisory Council meeting already planned for that date


Annual General Meeting – 24 January 2019

AGM 2018 Minutes
Notice and Agenda
Audited Accounts


Annual General Meeting – 02 November 2017

Notice and Agenda
Audited Accounts


Extraordinary General Meetings

The By-Laws detail the structure and governance of the organisation, arising from the provisions of the Royal Charter.
According to By-Law 14.1: ‘All General Meetings, other than Annual General Meetings, shall be called Extraordinary General Meetings’.
EGMs may be convened by the Board whenever they think fit.
EGMS may also be convened within two months of the receipt of a written requisition, signed by 3% of Corporate Members and stating fully the objects of the meeting, deposited at the Office.  Such requisition may consist of several documents in like form.


Extraordinary General Meeting – 28 July 2016 (Future Directions Governance Changes)

Minutes – approved at the AGM 19 October 2016
EGM notice
Future Directions Summary Paper
Proposed new Charter
Final By-Laws, 20 July 2016
Final Regulations, 20 July 2016
Final notes from lawyers explaining changes, 20 July 2016
Proposed new disciplinary regulations

Extraordinary General Meeting – 11 May 2016 (Office Location)

Minutes – approved at the AGM 19 October 2016
Notice and Agenda