Despite high hopes for open spaces as ‘the foundation for public interaction and social integration’, our urban parks, squares, country parks and rural landscapes are not unproblematically and equally open to all.

In the UK, there is significantly less quality greenspace in neighbourhoods with a high proportion of residents from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, and even in parks and other nature spaces accessible to diverse communities, people from non-white backgrounds are frequently under-represented as users.

We ask: Who and what is represented in the landscape? Does power to shape the landscape promote preferred narratives and practices, limiting cultural access? Why are the professions that produce our urban and rural landscapes not more ethnically diverse?

This event will bring together leading international practitioners and researchers from the arts, landscape architecture, and other academic disciplines, to explore issues of diversity, ethnicity and representation, and to ask: is this just landscape?

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Call for papers by 6 September 2019

This interdisciplinary conference invites papers investigating issues of diversity, ethnicity and representation in the landscape from academics and practitioners, from a range of disciplines including:

  • landscape architecture / management
  • urban design
  • photography
  • fine art
  • social science
  • geography
  • urban studies
  • leisure studies
  • anthropology
  • history
  • cultural studies

Submit 250 word abstracts for consideration here.

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