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Westfield’s living wall mitigates the new development’s auditory and visual impact on local residents by providing a green envelope to the north and south facades of the shopping centre boundary, and contributes to the creation of new habitats. The feature enhances the outdoor dining and shopping experience and provides a vast swathe of natural green foliage and flowers for the enjoyment of visitors. It makes the most of the space available along the terrace, and in combination with the water cascade, it has become a highly popular space within the shopping centre, significantly contributing towards the commercial success of the restaurants in this area.

As well as protecting the privacy of the neighbouring  properties, the living wall enhances views towards the shopping  centre. The living wall and water cascade form a popular day and night time destination, a place for relaxation and social interaction in the midst of a dense urban context. The wall provides a total of 1,275 sq. m of predominately native planting and new wildlife habitat in the middle of this retail complex. In addition to the aesthetic and ecological advantages that the living wall provides, it contributes to the urban environment by cooling the area in hot weather, filtering the air, and reducing noise.

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