brown hare
Brown hare. Photo: Andy Karran

This is the first management plan for the uplands to focus on an ecosystems services approach. It covers 380km2 within five local authority areas and provides them, Welsh Government, Commoners Associations, Gwent Wildlife Trust, individual farmers and other stakeholders with clear spatially specific management proposals that can be implemented immediately to benefit local biodiversity, commoners and the wider landscape. There is a series of 23 interrelated action plans for the long term management and enhancement of the uplands and their associated way of life. As well as more general improvements, this looks at dealing with problems that can have a negative impact, such as arson and illegal off-roading. The action plan is fully costed and can be used as evidence in funding applications. It offers the landscape profession an effective auditable process for implementing the ecosystems services model at a landscape scale, It will form the prototype for the preparation of other Natural Resource Management Plans in Wales.

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