A Vision for Torpoint. Photo: Clifton Emery Design

The Vision for Torpoint sets out a physical vision for the town, with a strategy and 50 ideas that point to how it could be improved. The vision will now underpin the town neighbourhood plan, providing a physical vision to inform planning policy – giving quality design a high profile in the process of regeneration. The aim is that the new image will help to support a new civic pride in residents.

The landscape team engaged more than 2000 of the 9000 residents in consultation, as well as studying economic indicators and the planning context.

The Vision advocates a flexible approach to regeneration so that the town can respond over time to changing economic circumstances. It puts the environment and sustainable design first and, by generating a positive momentum from the right projects being delivered in the right place at the right time, the impact on the town could be transformational.

Approximate Map Location


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