LUC were appointed as lead consultants acting for Brighton and Hove City Council, as contract administrators, project coordinators, landscape architects and employing a team of specialists to support the project. Over a four year period LUC worked in a professional and inclusive manner to achieve a complex project which has transformed the site into a vibrant, welcoming and dynamic public open space which celebrates its rich heritage and diverse users.

The park is now a very important destination within Brighton and is a crucial piece of the dense urban infrastructure. The project aimed to promote the unique heritage whilst bringing the park into the 21st century; we believe this restoration is mindful of the needs of future generations, and has provided an excellent framework for a great diversity of contemporary uses.

This scheme, which has already won a Civic Trust Award, demonstrates how a professionally researched and implemented project can restore a historic park into a powerful and dynamic public space from a place of considerable neglect. This scheme has improved the health and happiness of many park users and also proved to be a catalyst for higher standards and a better environment for the entire city.

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