View from Beachy Head
View from Beachy Head. Photo: LUC

The first of the seven special qualities of the South Downs National Park are defined as its ‘diverse, inspirational landscapes and breathtaking views’, but at the time of commissioning this study there was no evidence about what these views were or what makes them special. Therefore the purpose of this project was to provide evidence on views to ensure this aspect of the park’s special qualities could be understood, conserved and enhanced for future generations, resisting the pressures for development in this most populous part of the country.

The study forms part of the landscape evidence base for the South Downs National Park Plan and is actively being used to support development management decisions and assess the impacts of proposed land-use change.

The project produced a series of user-friendly interactive tools that are widely accessible to the general public, and could be used widely elsewhere to enhance accessibility and understanding.

Approximate Map Location


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