Initial sketch for the proposed Victoria Masterplan developed around the green and blue infrastructure network . Photo: Arup

The plan provides a spatial framework for the future of Seychelles to 2040, providing policy across a range of topics to guide development, inform lower-tier policy, including land use plans, and inform decision-making. It was vital to the government that the local community should ‘own’ the plan, which is inclusive and collaborative founded on extensive stakeholder and community engagement and a robust evidence base. Early on it became clear that green and blue infrastructure play an essential role in the culture, economy and resilience of this island nation, so landscape was put at the heart of the plan.

The plan, approved in September 2015, comprises an integrated national strategic plan, a framework plan for the most populous island (Mahé), and a detailed masterplan for the capital city Victoria. The plans are supported by a suite of evidence-based documents covering everything from character assessment to security and disaster-risk assessments.

Approximate Map Location


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