The design for the roof top park consists of a series of recycled wooden pallets arranged and modified into raised plant beds, free standing low green walls, seating and tables. In addition to the pallets, recycled car bodies are intended to be used as interesting, alternative tree planters, doubling as informal seating. The entire basis of the design is focused on adoptability with all elements of the park capable of being re-positioned by a fork lift to cater for future activities.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was trying to fill such a large space with such a small budget and for objects like the raised planters and seating to still have purpose instead of filling a void. Due to a quick turnaround, decisions were made decisively. The conclusion was to make the ‘park’ area smaller and more focused, tucking into the corner of the roof deck with the best views, most sunlight and comparatively good wind shelter which would protect people and planting alike.

Multiple factors influenced the design such as the location of the bar next to a water point, location of the aquaponics to receive adequate sunlight, thresholds, services, toilets, viewpoints, planting conditions, load bearing and availability of second hand materials and their properties.

During the design resolve stages many ideas and themes for the ‘park’ were played with, but ultimately the gritty urban qualities of the space are shaped by the fact that it is undeniably a car park. Instead of attempting to screen this we decided we could play with it through such ideas as second-hand retro cars planted with trees and herbs.

The layout of the park is designed to spread users evenly across the space with no specific focal area in which to gather in large numbers to prevent load bearing issues. The result is a network of ‘micro’ spaces that creates relaxed and sociable areas embraced by swathes of soft planting. A number of trees dotted along the boundary edge of the park help enclose the space, break up the horizontal lines and add comfort for users.

Footfall is largely directed between the existing lighting columns where the supporting cross beams are located with main through routes linking the café/bar, ‘Growup’ aquaponics, outdoor cinema and marquee/tent.

Approximate Map Location


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