The client required a high level but comprehensive plan, incorporating all aspects of the Park’s maintenance, including hard and soft landscape, waterways / wetlands, play equipment, paths / roads, bridges, venues, lighting, art installations, litter picking, cleansing and waste management.

The plan was commissioned during Olympic 2012 “Games Time” to meet deadlines imposed by planning conditions and to ensure that the relevant parts of the plan were complete for the phased opening of the different sections of the Park in 2013 and 2014.

The intent was to create a strategic plan to guide the management of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the next five years. The client required a document which set the context of the new Park, including background material covering pre games to final transformation.

The project was led by chartered landscape architects, both directors of a LI registered practice specialising in landscape management. The execution of the project also demonstrated team-working across the professions. As with the 2012 Olympic Park before it, the subsequent project has raised the profile of landscape and, in this case, of landscape management and of management planning.

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