Pulham at Worth Park, Crawley
Pulham terracotta restoration. Photo: Allen Scott

A 1950s ‘new town’, Crawley is often derided for its lack of heritage. Following research it conducted, Crawley Council (CBC) became aware that Worth Park was an original James Pulham and Sons design, containing remnants of many features.

The project aimed to restore the near-derelict legacy within an improved setting, as well as improving the amenity value of the wider neglected park, substantially smaller than its original form.

Allen Scott led the project, developing and guiding the restoration through HLF and LI design stages, working with the friends, county archaeologist, CBC and experienced craftspeople experienced in restoration.

The two most challenging problems were the restoration of the main fountain, which had not worked for 70 years, and the geologically correct re-building of the Pulham scenic rockery.

An overgrown, indistinct local park has become one of national interest. Major vegetation clearance coupled with significant ornamental and native planting have improved biodiversity, as shown by ecological monitoring.

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