Terrace proposal Pellant Road Estate
Proposals to enhance the existing ramp and provide a seating terrace next to the ball court. Image: Allen Scott

Built in 1966, the Pellant Road Estate today lacks positive character or a sense of community ownership. When Allen Scott was brought in partway through the process, it realised that the purely cosmetic changes that had been proposed would have little impact.

Instead it proposed more radical changes, which it presented as a set of clearly explained strategies, in order to convince the client and residents. These include demolishing a large proportion of the existing concrete podium and the warren of underground garages that currently encourage and enable crime and anti-social behaviour. The spoil from this demolition would backfill the ball court area that is currently inaccessible and breeds anti-social behaviour. It will be transformed into a space that’s safe, visible and exciting. The demolished garages will be replaced with SuDS (sustainable drainage solutions) paving, vegetated swales and safely lit car parking spaces.

Approximate Map Location


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