CBA was appointed to develop planning guidance to illustrate how embedding GI into new
development can deliver quality of life benefits for communities, and enhance the natural and historic
environment. It helps guide the Council and applicants through initial pre-application discussions, the application process and the consideration of reserved matters and planning conditions relating to GI.

CBA researched, drafted and designed the SPG and facilitated stakeholder consultation workshops.
The Client Steering Group prepared the brief, and a wide range of stakeholders contributed to the

The SPG demonstrates a joined up and multi-disciplinary approach to GI planning. Planners,
landscape architects, ecologists, countryside managers and highways officers from across
Monmouthshire were actively involved in producing the guidance, which was tested in a workshop
against an active development site case study. As a first for the country, the SPG also stimulated the
development of a dedicated ‘GI Bond’ for securing funding of GI through the development control

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