AECOM was commissioned by Leicester City Council to prepare a public realm design for Mill Lane, the main pedestrian spine running through the De Montfort University campus. The scheme sought to forge greater links between the city centre and peripheral residential areas, in a way which would be both sustainable, while also contributing towards Leicester becoming a resilient city. 

This project demonstrates how influential a client in the public sector can be when there is a clear vision and commitment to achieving long-term public value. Its objectives and tangible response to stakeholder input has transformed Mill Lane and enhanced the integration of the University with its immediate environment.

The collaboration between the client and the design team is evident in how the landscape architect’s vision evolved and was delivered. Sustainability was embedded in all facets of the scheme, from the strategic level of promoting walking and cycling, down to the detail of the rain gardens supporting ecology and managing water. This project demonstrates how a local authority can deliver exemplary public realm. 

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