In the development of its Exeter Science Park, the Met Office wanted to create a landscape that would be visually interesting, predominantly native, and one where the planting would provide a habitat for wildlife with particular consideration for pollinating species. There was also a wish for the design to integrate with the existing context and anchor the building into the landscape.

In response to this brief, the landscape team at Stride Treglown developed a planting palette using native grasses and willow, to complement the existing Science Park planting and provide companion species with the ability to provide nectar and pollen. This planting ethos was extended to the three, beautifully austere water features, which have been softened with a simple palette of flowering native plants. The planting now frames them and creates a habitat in this strong modern design. The concern for pollinating insects and symbiosis with planting was interesting and represented a change in approach supported by the client.

Approximate Map Location


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