Magna Park, Lutterworth is a 220ha distribution park built on a disused airfield. It comprises over 90,000m2 of purpose-built warehouses, and was the first of numerous other ‘Magna Parks’ in the UK, Europe, North America and China. There are also plans to increase the park by up to 550,000m2. epd, part of Parkwood Consultancy Services, has been supporting this development with landscape and ecological designs and management since 1987, and is still fully involved providing design and maintenance services.

Such a development deserves a top-quality landscape, and so epd and its predecessors developed a framework that set new standards in overall concept, strategic and detailed design and management. An ‘Eco Template’ or environmental framework was developed and has since been adapted for other international distribution parks.

epd also created one of the first large-scale reed beds in the UK, which helps to treat the sewage output from the park and this now serves over 74,000m2 of warehousing and offices; and with its associated lake also provide an attractive wildlife habitat and amenity for site occupiers.

Since epd started work on the site, over 1 million trees have been planted across 32 building plots, and infrastructure areas and extensive woodlands have been created.

Approximate Map Location


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