Hotel Park, Doha

Arup was commissioned to develop the project from concept through to construction. Our multidisciplinary team comprised Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Lighting, Structural Engineering, Transport, Planning, Façade and Fire Engineering.

The landscape design was developed around the creation of a series of diverse and vibrant pleasure gardens, each having a distinctive character and programme. A strong angular geometry responds to the modern city backdrop and references local cultural forms. This clear framework defines a series of parkland areas within the space which serve a variety of recreational functions throughout the day and year hosting informal recreation and activities and programmed events and festivals.

The park is an oasis in the city, creating the experience of a verdant environment and place of respite. Using changes in level, green screens, planting and subtle changes in topography, users are immersed in the space giving the perception the park is much larger than it appears.

Water is a key component in the design and is used strategically to form a variety of attractions including; acoustic fountains, waterfalls and shallow pools which provide a cool breeze, create a dynamic acoustic environment, animation, water play, and spectacular light shows at night.

The park is designed to be easily adaptable to overlay uses such as being a fanzone location for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. It also unites the waterfront, Sheraton Hotel, Convention Centre and Financial District, forming a new destination in the city.

Approximate Map Location


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