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As part of its Local Plan, the council is considering options for future growth and regeneration. The local authority boundary is drawn close to the urban areas, limiting options for growth. Much of the district is given over to an extensive greenspace network which is the legacy of the pre New Town landscape and which forms the town’s setting. This has considerable historic significance as it forms part of the original 1946 master plan of the New Town developed by Sir Frederick Gibberd. It is also recognised that this was developed for a specific time and set of socioeconomic/cultural circumstances, and that some parts of the strategic green space network now perform less well than originally intended, whether in terms of function/use, visual amenity and landscape management.

This study provides an objective, robust assessment of the quality and value of Harlow’s greenspace network, integrated with consideration of wider green infrastructure functionality. It provides a strong evidence based approach to identifying and conserving the best elements of the Gibberd Vision, identifying areas where quality and functionality can be enhanced, and also areas of low quality and low functionality, where the council can consider other uses as part of its spatial plan.

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