bombus lucorum on poppy
TACP Landscape Architects has won the President's Award with its project to protect pollinators in Wales. Photo: Dr Tim Rich

The Green Infrastructure Action Plan for Pollinators in South-east Wales (GIAPP) formed a component of Pollinators for Life, funded by the Welsh Government’s Nature Fund supporting landscape-scale projects to address the decline in biodiversity and provide benefits to the economy and communities through creating the environments that favour the creatures that help to pollinate plants.
The aim of the GIAPP was to produce a long term action plan for publicly-owned land across Monmouthshire, Blaenau-Gwent, Caerphilly and Torfaen, focussing on how public organisations can embed sustainable management principles in their daily activities.

The development of an integrated decision-making process to green infrastructure (GI) management moves forward the current thinking of the profession. The approach, whilst developed for south-east Wales, is versatile and could be rolled out throughout the UK.

The GIAPP places an emphasis on the intrinsic value of pollinators to the public, aiming to provide a more colourful, artistic and functional environment.

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