This project aimed to provide an overarching vision for connecting Burton to the Trent Washlands, building on the partners’ aspirations with imaginative concepts that unlock value and guide future decision-making. A particular focus was enabling the Burton Flood Risk Management Scheme to capitalise on, and act as a catalyst for, wider landscape regeneration opportunities.

Black & Veatch helped to develop the brief, leading to the addition of an Ecosystem Services Valuation (ESV) and an innovative story map format. The concept of bringing together ESV, Geographical Information System, and more traditional heritage and landscape techniques, including hand-drawn visualisations, proved effective. There is a clear progress from the analysis of the context through to a range of design interventions, both at a strategic scale and also at a smaller scale for volunteer groups. 

The innovative process – using different research, consultation and presentation techniques – provides a strong framework for similar projects in future. All of the information is set out in a clear and interactive way on the ArcGIS Story Map. The project provides a breadth of ideas, ranging from small-scale enhancements deliverable by volunteer groups, to ambitious proposals and a vision that has exceeded partners’ expectations.

Approximate Map Location


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