The project began as Arup’s landscape architects recognised a need to look into the trends affecting the profession. The team approached Arup’s foresight and innovation research specialists and asked them to take an objective look at global trends and how these would impact on landscape architecture and how we need to operate. Ultimately, the brief was to communicate that landscape architecture brings more than aesthetic qualities to projects; that it is pivotal in contributing to climate change resilience, whilst delivering social, environmental and economic benefits if it is given a more influential role in the integrated planning and design of our future cities.

The project has been led by Tom Armour, Leader of Landscape Architecture at Arup, with significant input from the wider team and other disciplines at Arup. Tom has sought to collaborate with landscape architects within the firm, other professionals and also key external collaborators. This manifested in a piece which has buy in from a wide range of disciplines, including engineers, urban designers, planners, climate change experts, engineers, economists, etc.

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