Barton Park flythrough
A still from the animated flythrough of the primary street. Image: Terence O'Rourke

Currently, Barton Park represents the only strategic site within Oxford that can deliver a large number of new homes, and the main focus of the project is to address the chronic shortage of affordable and market homes. It is also one of the ten pilot projects for the NHS Healthy New Towns. Barton Park will be an exemplary garden suburb designed for the needs of the 21st century; a perfect blend of high quality, healthy, urban living that is in harmony with its natural surroundings. It will provide up to 885 new homes, 40% social tenure, designed to a high level of sustainability. This includes the design of walkable neighbourhoods, multi-functional public open space, low-energy housing and a focus on naturalistic principles with high levels of biodiversity. The client has a long-term commitment to maintaining the public open space.

Approximate Map Location


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