The Avon River Precinct is a project arising from a unique set of circumstances relating to a traumatic natural disaster. The earthquake of 2011 damaged the heart of one of New Zealand’s largest urban areas. This created immediate problems generated by the loss of places to live and work, and by the loss of primary infrastructure which inhibited the tasks associated with daily life. Post earthquake, the city and its community took a very positive view on life and swiftly decided to take the opportunity to rebuild a city which responded more appropriately to its needs and location. A greener, more accessible city were placed at the top of the community’s list of aspirations.

Whilst the Avon River Precinct is only a small part of the overall rebuild programme, its location at the heart of Christchurch is a catalyst for wider city centre rejuvenation and has the ability to help set a strong design framework and raise the environmental standards of the whole of the inner city area.

Approximate Map Location


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