Cornish coast
Cornish coast. Photo: Julian Jones

Balancing the diverse landscape of Cornwall with pressure for new development, whilst enhancing Cornish sense of place, is becoming increasingly difficult. Community planning means lay people are now expected to draw together detailed polices to guide future development as part of Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP).

The public-space team, working with the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Unit, recognised the need for Local Landscape Character Assessment (LLCA) to underpin NDP policies and piloted a methodology with the Roseland NDP through 2014. This included discussions, workshop sessions and training for volunteers, as well as advice on the content and wording of environmental policies in the wider neighbourhood plan.

The Roseland pilot highlighted a further need for a landscape capacity assessment around the edges of settlements where the development pressure is greatest. The team produced and piloted a methodology for this. Both pilot methodologies were amended in response to volunteer comments, and now the final documents are being used by other NDP groups.

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