The project brief was to improve the living environment for residents of the Aberfeldy Estate in east London. This would include providing more than 1,000 new homes set around a structure of new green spaces within a tight urban context. This involved looking at pedestrian and cycle strategies to break down the barriers of the A13 and A12 highways, as well as introducing a new hierarchy of open spaces within the masterplan.

Levitt Bernstein’s landscape studio team had worked as part of the multi-disciplinary design team since the inception of the outline masterplan. 

The landscape-led approach delivered a quality that lifts this project to the kind of everyday excellence needed in all affordable homes and places projects. The fully considered design was underpinned by extensive public consultation, which has had a positive impact on the proposals. The final design is faithful to the initial concept. The materials are well considered, and the detail and the junctions have been carefully planned to provide an attractive yet robust finish. This project demonstrates excellent placemaking, where the public realm elevates what could have been an ordinary scheme, into becoming an exemplary project.

Approximate Map Location


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