Branch Review   

One of our key areas of focus as part of the New Ways of Working programme is to define and promote two-way engagement with our members. In spring last year, the Board approved a review of LI Branches, based on several highlighted areas where further support, or a change in operation may be required.  The low number of nominations to Branch Committees last April and feedback from the membership survey, also demonstrated the need for a review.   

The review was planned to explore key areas including purpose, adapting for a changing membership environment and adding value for all members. This will strengthen the current operation, ensuring consistency and a clear focus whilst allowing autonomy within an agreed framework.  

Last summer consultation commenced with Branch Chairs and Committees, this has been ongoing and has involved the Advisory Council, the Governance Committee and several interactions with the membership in Northern Ireland, where there is currently not an active branch.  

Member feedback and insights are key to a framework that best meets the needs of today’s members, with consultation taking place. We are in an exciting phase and strongly encourage members to get involved. 

Nominations to Branch Committees are currently underway (closing 8 March 2024) providing an ideal opportunity to be part of the change and future vision for member services locally.  

You will find further information here – The LI around the UK – Landscape Institute. 

How can I have a say?  

If you require additional information, then please use the email.  

The Branch Review consultation process has already started but there is still opportunity to provide your input as stated above. To find a consensus, we will listen to all our members and continue to instil a culture of collaborative working and putting our members, volunteers and staff at the heart of decision-making.