Gravelrings gravel grids from Beauxfort, specialists in distinctive landscape systems, are the solution to creating beautiful, hassle-free gravel driveways.

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    Long associated with premium properties, gravel driveways create not only the wow factor on approach but also that satisfying crunch under foot and wheel. But issues with gravel migration, rutting and pitting have often led to other surface finishes being specified either by the property owner themselves or their architects and contractors.  

    Beauxfort’s Gravelrings gravel retention grids resolve those issues and are the hidden secret to the perfect gravel driveway or gravel surface. 


    The invisible solution to a stable gravel surface 

    Designed and manufactured in the UK, the innovative Gravelrings grid system works hard beneath the surface to keep gravel where it was intended to be. The system’s integral mesh base and interlocking panels are made up of circular cells, the strongest geometric shape, that together create a stable and permeable structure for a long-lasting, even and consistent gravel surface. 

    The integral mesh base is the key, preventing stones from working their way beneath and then lifting the grid, and also the build-up of silt, both of which cause unevenness. The fully porous, SUDs-compliant design allows rainwater to drain away quickly, maintaining a flawless finish whatever the weather. 

    When filled, the robust, circular cells retain the gravel, limiting movement of the stones onto lawns, paths, and roads, reducing maintenance and the need to regularly top up the gravel, ultimately preserving the landscaping design. 


    Sustainable design and manufacture 

    With sustainability and environmental concerns high on the development agenda,  

    It will be reassuring to know that Beauxfort Gravelrings are manufactured in the UK, significantly reducing the carbon impact of importing products from overseas. What’s more, black Gravelrings are made entirely from recycled materials, while the white panels are partially manufactured using recycled materials.   

    Designed to last, Gravelrings will provide years of driveway stability. But if plans change in the future, the panels are 100% recyclable. 


    Rapid installation and a low profile 

    At just 25mm deep, Gravelrings panels have a low profile, requiring less excavation when preparing the ground, less muck-away and less gravel to fill them. Installation is quick and straightforward, with panels clipping together simply but firmly and arriving on site pre-assembled in 1m2 sheets. 

    The system’s flexibility means it can be cut and laid to follow the natural contours of the ground and shaped to achieve the landscaping design.  


    Creating inspiring gravel surfaces 

    Those in the know know that Gravelrings gravel grid system is the hidden secret to creating inspiring, beautiful but stable, hassle-free gravel features that perfectly complement premium properties and landscaped areas, even on sloping surfaces.  

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