XR, a new dimension…

    Image courtesy of Patrick Schneider, via Unsplash

    Landscape Architecture, although an established profession, is continuing to define its boundaries. This is especially true of its relationship with digital practice, where technology such as extended reality (XR), the umbrella term for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, is becoming more commonly used by practitioners. With the extent of usage still uncertain, a topical survey has just been created by the LI’s Digital Practice Group to inform the support the LI gives in this area. Please do fill it in!

    This era is being defined as the fourth industrial revolution. It will be another test of our human capacity to deal with change. In recent history this has been rapid and sometimes  abrupt, particularly where concerning communication. However we may come to communicate the landscape, XR technology is already proving its worth in other industries, even without booming. The possibilities for it to help landscape practice are with us.

    Of course, it is easy to sit back and do things how they have always been done. Pen to paper. 2D. Your clients may not be actively looking for XR capability … yet… but they will already be aware of it. The relative newness of the technology and its ongoing development means there is plenty of space in the market to exhibit its use and to become a recognised as a specialist. Let’s make sure its landscape architects who become synonymous with the application of the technology and not just those who marvel at it. As the survey lists out, there is range of hardware and software to get you started and the LI has produced an introductory Technical Note as well.

    Mark Jackson CMLI
    XR workstream lead for LI Technical Committee’s Digital Practice Group


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