A round-up of the Landscape Institute’s work last month

    The LI issued a response to a DCLG/Defra consultation on the delivery of SuDS. This is an important consultation as the LI remain concerned that the Flood and Water Management Act still remains to be implemented. Read more on water here. The LI also contributed to the ‘Big Meet’ hosted by UCL, a follow up to the Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment to discuss the possibility of setting up a Place Alliance for England.

    Continuing the Institute's work in this area, LI President Noel Farrer, Aileen Shackwell (Director at Aileen Shackell Landscape Design) and Tom Armour (Arup), presented at a training session for public health trainees on the role of landscape in delivering public health outcomes.

    October saw our annual Jellicoe Lecture take place. The Landscape Institute and the University of Greenwich hosted the UK premier of a new film recently released in the US: Water Blues Green Solutions. The filmmakers joined us for a post-screening Q&A and a podcast with them is currently in production.

    Continuing the theme of water, we took part in a debate hosted by Guardian Cities on the topic, ‘Are UK cities prepared for another flooding disaster?’ The panel included LI past president Sue Illman and urban revitalisation strategist Majora Carter, who will host the LI Awards this month.The Q&A and comments remain online.

    We launched a new film ideas competition in conjunction with the Institute of Civil Engineers, Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Royal Town Planning Institute. Entrants are invited to send their best initiatives on how to prevent flooding and communicate their ideas through the medium of film.
    Capability Brown

    The Capability Brown Festival  launched an interactive map on the Capability Brown website. It’s the first such map of Brown’s work, and showcases more than 250 pieces attributed to him.
    We launched Profitable Places, a new publication showing why housebuilders need to invest in landscape. Richard Blakeway, deputy mayor of London with responsibility for housing, spoke at its launch at the Building Centre. 

    It will be complemented by our forthcoming position statement, Housing and Landscape, which will show how local planning authorities can play a key role in enabling excellent landscape for new homes.  Members will receive a copy with the next edition of the journal.

    Professional services

    The first of five regional GLVIA training events led by Professor Carys Swanwick and Mary O’Connor CMLI, was held in London last month and tickets for the Birmingham and Edinburgh events are now on sale.
    We completed work on our forthcoming governance consultation. Members are invited to give their views on improving our democratic processes and broadening participation in the LI’s activities through a survey and local branch events.


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