Unleash your creativity with Tobermore’s new online design tool, Paving and Walling Creator.

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    The free online design tool gives you the opportunity to play around with external finishes, in both commercial and residential settings.

    The innovative tool is ideal for landscape architects working on large scale commercial and residential schemes. With such a wide variety of paving and walling products available, Tobermore understand the difficulty in choosing the most suitable materials for a project. This is where Paving and Walling Creator can help.

    Experiment with different paving and walling products, colours, blends, and layouts. Visualise how the different product variations would look on housing and commercial schemes. Once you are happy with your design, simply download a PDF file which captures the product and layout details.

    It is true, greys are here to stay! The current grey trend is not going anywhere any time soon thanks to its contemporary and stylish finish. For landscape architects, grey is the perfect versatile option with its neutrality complimenting almost every colour palette and Paving and Walling Creator shows just that! Its blending tool enables the user to mix various shades of grey in block paving, paving flags or walling together to create contrast and depth.

    However, it doesn’t have to be all grey! With Paving and Walling creator you can add colour to the design, allowing imaginations to run free! Simply use the blend tool to include as many colours as desired and watch the design come to life on screen.

    The tool enables users to let their adventurous side out when playing around with complementary colour palettes. Mixing and matching throughout the design could change the pace of a walkway, break up expansive areas or add the perfect finish to a residential space.

    Try Tobermore’s Paving and Walling Creator today!


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