The LI Midlands branch committee awards the annual John Knight Student Award to the brightest talents on the undergraduate and postgraduate landscape architecture courses at Birmingham City University. Here are the winners!

    John Knight Student Award 2020

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Harry Silcock

    Leeds United

    Harry’s project purpose was to reconnect the local area of Beeston and Holbeck back to Leeds City Centre. Using Leeds train station and the football club, Leeds United, as targets for reconnection, the intention was to create a physical route between the two areas which had been separated for many years and as a result had become socially and economically divided. This proposal Harry hopes would be the beacon of hope for the people in the area to heal this social scar. As a Leeds fan, Harry’s previous experiences visiting the area inspired this proposal, giving him the opportunity to explore his passions of football through landscape architecture.

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Matthew Alebon

    Details to be confirmed

    Previous winners

    John Knight Student Award 2019

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Oliver Haring

    The Heart of Digbeth

    Oliver’s project aimed to diversify the economy and land use significantly in his chosen part of Digbeth with a strong emphasis on reconnection.

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Robert Colbourne

    Morfa Mawddach Farm-Park: Reimagining Fairbourne in the Event of Climate Change

    Robert’s project endeavoured to provide an example of an alternative approach to flooding and sea level rise, which valued a sense of place whilst improving the experiential and productive usage of coastal littoral zones.

    John Knight Student Award 2018

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Soteris Yerosimou

    Looking to a United Cyprus

    Soteris’ project sought to create a cultural landscape connection along the 16th century venetian walls of Nicosia. His project softened the divide between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities and created an interesting landscape that reflected the vibrant diverse communities which he sought to connect. Soteris articulated his ideas well verbally, using both drawn and visual media.

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Fiona Lock

    Project details : Fiona’s project was based in the Inknield Loop, Birmingham. Fiona sought to create a new urban fabric to the area that conceptualized the difficulties associated with navigation through the city. She focused on the creation of a care facility that catered for dementia and its surrounding area. She successfully used an iterative design process that was critical of her design decisions, recognized weaknesses of the design and helped inform her final presentation.

    John Knight Student Award 2017

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Nathan Beirne

    Cardiff Waterside, Cardiff Bay. Play as a driver of change.

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Joelle Darby

    John Knight Student Award 2016

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Ula Bujauskaite

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Nathan Onions

    Reading – Restoring Native Landscape Typologies: Sustainability, Experience, Ethics

    John Knight Student Award 2015

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Gabija Tamasauskaite

    Moccas Park

    A healing landscape to transform a fascinating landscape which already provides many benefits to the local community and ecology.

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Alice Claydon

    ‘Sitopia – A 21st Century Garden City’

    This project explores how fundamental issues facing modern society such as climate change, unhealthy lifestyles and economic uncertainty can be addressed through the concept of a ‘Sitopia’ (‘sitos’ – food, ‘topos’ – place).

    Judged by Graham Woodward (Chair of LIM, Atkins Birmingham), Kate Slegg-Newton (Capita) and Dan Martyr (Node Urban Design)

    John Knight Student Award 2014

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Ula Bujauskaite

    Project on the Shrewsbury West Mid Show Ground, exploiting the site in a sustainable manner and taking advantage of its adjacency to the River Severn and its propensity to flood.

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Christopher Watts

    Project on Kidderminster Blue Landscape, a pioneering hydrological landscape with opportunities for leisure, entertainment and education.

    Judged by Romy Rawlings, Mike Podmore and Eccles Ng.

    John Knight Student Award 2013

    Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Alex Agnew

    Project on Icknield Loop, Birmingham

    Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Marine Goudoffre

    Project on Kidderminster

    John Knight Student Award 2007-2012

    John Knight Student Award 2012

    Birmingham City University Winners

    • Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Chris Watts
    • Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Mara Redman

    John Knight Student Award 2011

    Birmingham City University Winners

    • Undergraduate BA Landscape Architecture Prize: Paul Wilson
    • Postgraduate Diploma Prize: Michelle Anderson

    John Knight Student Award 2010

    Birmingham City University Winners

    • Undergraduate Prize: Robert Norris
    • Postgraduate Prize: Steven Butcher

    University of Gloucester Winners

    • Sarah Combes and Jake Fitzgerald White

    John Knight Student Award 2009

    Birmingham City University Winners

    • Jo Thompson and Danielle Jeynes

    University of Gloucester Winners

    • Daniel Gould and Jason Benett

    John Knight Student Award 2008

    Birmingham City University Winners

    • Steve Butcher and Mike Greaves

    University of Gloucester Winners

    • Kate Jones and Gethin Owens

    John Knight Student Award 2007

    Birmingham City University Winners

    • Doug Holloway and Will Nicholson

    University of Gloucester Winners

    • Briony Seymour and Giles Hopgood


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