Since the Greater London Authority introduced a policy in 2008 requiring large developments to consider adding a roof garden, the capital’s living roof space has increased significantly, benefitting the people that use them and also the environment.

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    The addition of plants and trees in these otherwise barren spaces, contributes to cleaning up the air and cooling temperatures, retaining and managing stormwater, whilst creating new habitats for wildlife and increasing biodiversity. But that’s not all, gardens, whether on a roof or on the ground, are proven to provide a multitude of social benefits, positively impact on our mental health and wellbeing. 

    The design and aesthetic of these spaces is really important and the combination of a strong planting scheme that includes exposure tolerant species and trees for shade and shelter with seating, paths, lighting and opportunities to maximise views. 

    WoodBlocX Landscaping has been at the centre of key rooftop projects both in London and other major UK cities and in Europe, supplying its modular wooden structures for planting and seating for a number of high profile roof and podium projects, such as Unite’s Stratford development in London and Staniforth House in Birmingham.   

    Balancing functionality, design and sustainability is at the core of WoodBlocX, its structures are made from sustainable wood which provides texture and a much needed natural element to heavily paved areas. The modular system is adaptable and versatile, thanks to the company’s ability to create angular and curved structures, allowing Landscape Architects’ designs to transfer seamlessly from initial design to implementation without having to adapt to the constraints of the product. 

    Logistically WoodBlocX is one of the best products to use for rooftop planting, being a modular system all components can be easily unloaded and carried on site as everything arrives on pallets, so transporting the materials via lifts or steps to the site is no problem. Installation is quick as all components and pre-cut and there is very little waste. 

    To find out more about WoodBlocX Landscaping ‘s roof garden projects click here. 


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