The driveway is the first thing that is seen when arriving at a property, so creating a lasting impression is key. Nothing is more impressive than a sweeping gravel driveway leading to the home, they create the wow factor and elevate the aesthetic of outdoor space.

    Gravel driveways create an exceptional first impression 

    While the finished aesthetic of a gravel driveway is important, what is laid beneath them is arguably more so. Gravel migration, rutting and sinking are all common problems associated with gravel surfaces. Here’s how Gravelrings gravel grid combats these problems to create a long-lasting gravel driveway.  

    The secret lies in the Gravelrings design 

    Upon first look all gravel grids can look the same, however their nuances in design make all the difference between a gravel driveway built to last and one that will need replacing a few months down the line.  

    Gravelrings gravel grid is made up of circular cells moulded onto a mesh-backed base, the closed-cell design has been specifically created to hold the gravel in place, preventing gravel displacement and the occurrence of sparse patches, even on sloping landscapes. The mesh base also allows the free-flow of air through the system, preventing the build-up of silts and fines that encourage pesky weed growth as well as, stabilising the gravel, stopping it from falling beneath the grid, lifting it up and exposing it.  

    Installation is rapid, with pre-assembled 1m² sheets that clip together easily but firmly, yet are flexible enough to follow the curves and undulations of the land. Equipped with 25mm deep cells, less excavation is required, saving time on ground preparation work.   

    Gravelrings designed with the environment in mind 

    Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) are high on the development agenda.  Gravelrings gravel grid successfully meets this requirement by having a permeable base, allowing stormwater to drain through and return back to the natural water cycle; reducing the risk of localised flooding and nearby waterway pollution.  

    What’s more, the black Gravelrings gravel grid is crafted from 100% recycled material and the white gravel grids from part-recycled material. Both colours of Gravelrings gravel grids are 100% recyclable at the end of life.  

    A gravel driveway built to last 

    Gravel surfaces underpinned with Gravelrings are built to be stable, hassle-free gravel features that complement any exterior, while achieving the satisfying crunch factor when walked or driven over, maintaining the British tradition of elegant gravel driveways.   

    Achieve the perfect gravel surface with Beauxfort’s Gravelrings system. Visit their website for more information about the Beauxfort landscape systems, design inspiration.


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