Enjoying our great outdoors has never been more important and water is unique and wonderful in its ability to enhance both rural and urban locations and to please and benefit all ages and abilities.

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    Water features come in all shapes and sizes and a combination of types and choices for all locations.  

    Many water features are often installed in populated areas to improve the visualisation of the public realm and to install the added values that include a reduction in air temperature and an improvement to air quality. Fountains or cascading water features are often placed in busy environments because their acoustics reduce ambient noise and white noise has been scientifically proven to have a calming effect on our brains, heart and blood pressure.  

    At one end of the spectrum, Usigate design and establish calming water features to promote tranquillity, peace of mind and wellbeing and at the other end, Ustigate design and establish aquatic play facilities to excite, energise and engage people in active group play.  

    The design and build of inclusive and sustainable water attractions webinar on 26th October introduces a number of projects that have already been established in the UK where Ustigate have utilised water and their artistic and engineering skills to positively influence a place and deliver a favourite water attraction for every age and ability.  

    This webinar is an A – Z journey of what you need to know and think about when exploring the feasibility of an inclusive and sustainable water attraction. Water is one of the most valuable resources we have in life and we must use it wisely. It includes information on water management and ways in which Ustigate design to conserve, recycle and repurpose. 

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    Established in 1966, Ustigate have specialised in the design and build of water features and aquatic play facilities for 55 years. Ustigate have engineered award winning water features to deliver the appearance of water effects when a horse moves through water at Goodmans Fields and worked with sculptor Giles Rayner to deliver water features for the magnificent Arches of Oman that stands 12 metres tall. In over half a century Ustigate have had the pleasure of designing and building over 100 water features and over 100 aquatic play facilities throughout the UK. This webinar delivers education and inspiring ideas:  

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