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This section provides information and resources specifically for clients.


See what a landscape architect can offer, and find a practice with the skills and expertise you need.




What landscape architects offer


New projects where landscape architects have seen the bigger picture. Find out more...




The landscape architect's role


Creating unique places - and bringing economic and environmental benefits. Find out more...



Appointing a landscape professional


Advice on developing a brief, procurement methods and appointment options. Find out more...

reg practices


Find a landscape architect


Get the right people for the job. Find a LI Registered Practice with the skills and expertise you need. Search...


Professional conduct

Code of Conduct
The Institute requires all members to uphold the Code of Conduct, updated May 2012.
Summary version
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Complaints against LI members
Advice on the complaints procedure available to anyone dissatisfied with the professional conduct of an Institute member.
Guidelines for making a complaint (pdf)

Complaints against the LI
Advice on the complaints procedure available to anyone dissatisfied with a service provided by the Institute. 
Service-based complaint procedure (pdf)

Last updated 11 June 2013

Download our guide for clients

clients guide Landscape architecture: a guide for clients is a free LI publication designed to inspire clients.

Showcasing a diverse range of landscape work, it illustrates the vision, skills and social, economic and environmental value that landscape architects bring to all kinds of projects.

Download pdf (4Mb)

Download iBook (for iPad)

More resources for clients

Projects featured in 'Landscape Architecture: a guide for clients'
Full details and added images of all the featured projects.

Why invest in landscape?
Investment in landscape can bring financial benefits for clients, developers and communities - this free booklet shows how.


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