Landscape architects ‘could enable paradigm shift’ in GI alternative to Thames super sewer

24 November 2013

Green Infrastructure London Suds

Landscape architects could play a key role in the adoption of a less-expensive green infrastructure (GI) alternative to Thames Water’s proposed £4bn ‘super sewer’, the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Following the recent successful adoption of GI measures in the US city of Philadelphia, the ‘Clean Thames Now and Always’ campaign is proposing a similar combination of GI solutions, including porous asphalt on roads, living roofs and SuDs, as a cheaper and more effective alternative to the tunnel. And landscape architects, says the campaign’s founder Christian Sarrasin, ‘would be the enablers of this paradigm shift’.

Last year, ahead of Thames Water submitting its planning application for the TTT (which will, if it goes ahead, add £80/year to the water bills of all its customers), US engineer Dr Mark Maimone urged Mayor Boris Johnson to consider the ‘cheaper and greener’ solution he successfully devised for the city of Philadelphia.

The burgeoning Clean Thames campaign, which already counts Professor Chris Binnie, former chair of the Thames Tunnel Strategic Study Group, and numerous experts among its supporters, represents ‘this generation’s chance to decisively implement a true legacy of sustainability and resilience for London over the next 10-15 years’, says Sarrasin.

‘We have already made great progress, having costed a reference non-tunnel solution based on porous asphalt which demonstrates that GI is feasible at a substantial discount to the tunnel.’

GI would also foster a long-term legacy of local, ‘green collar jobs’, while creating a better quality of life for all Londoners, Sarrasin argues. 

For more information visit the Clean Thames Now and Always website.
Posted by Robert Holden - May 15, 2014
Has this press release been sent to Boris JOhnson, and more to the point of responsibility to our Chancellor of the Exchaequer, George Osbourne? See which lists "Spending taxpayers' money responsibly: as one of his responsibilities.

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