45 succeed in Pathway to Chartership

4 December 2013

Pathway to Chartership

The LI has written to congratulate the 45 candidates who successfully completed the Pathway to Chartership last month.

Many thanks are also due to the mentors who supported these candidates. Mentors are an essential part of the Pathway to Chartership; the LI is grateful to those who gave their time to support these newly chartered members. More information about the Pathway to Chartership can be found here
Alexandra Pick (mentor David Brittain)
Alice Babb (mentor Laura Deacon)
Alison King (mentor Adrian Wikeley)
Alke Sumfleth (mentor Daniel Crump)
Andrew Kay (mentor Neil Matthew)
Andrew Rose (mentor Christopher Butten)
Anna Pawelak (mentor Duncan McLean)
Claire Butlin (mentor Christine Howard)
Danielle Ducroquet-Lavin (mentor Ben Oakman)
Danielle Reeves (mentor David Starkie)
David Mounter (mentor Mark Glanville)
Dominic Fitzsimmons (mentor Philip Cave)
Eduardo Carranza (mentor Meaghan Kombol)
Edward Payne (mentor Yujia Papst)
Eleanor Hall (mentor Gavin Payne)
Eloise McGregor (mentor Kevin Charsley)
Elzbieta Czaplicka (mentor Collette Patterson)
Emily Beedham (mentor Robin Meade)
Emma Thickitt (mentor Gail Adkins)
Hannah Smith (mentor Guy Denton)
Heather Hawkey (mentor Duncan McLean)
Helen Proudfoot (mentor Jane Everitt)
Im Fei Tam (mentor Adam Powell)
James Kelly (mentor Alex Luck)
Joanna Adamson (mentor Marianne Dobson)
Joanne Walker (mentor Laura Scott-Simmons)
Jonathan Rowe (mentorJoe Wheelwright)
Kate Jackson (mentor Simon Ward)
Laura Virtanen (mentor Peter Dunlop)
Louisa Paybody (mentor Georgina Helen Brain)
Marie-Christine Schmidt (mentor Heather Joanne Phelan)
Mark Hallett (mentor Mark Welsby)
Mark Lawton (mentor Brian Russell)
Michael Walbank (mentor Christopher  Mark Topping)
Nina Kolbeck (mentor Jennifer Mui)
Paulina Blasiak (mentor David Thompson)
Rebecca Newiss (mentor Jenny Ferguson)
Richard Lord (mentor Alexander Stappard)
Samuel McKeever (mentor Emily Jane Peel Yates)
Simon Mullins (mentor Frances Delaney)
Stephanie Leung (mentor Lucy Green)
Stephen Ridley (mentor Avra Ploumi-Archer)
Tom Ginnett (mentor Glyn Tully)
Wei Deng (mentor Ben Hendry)
Zahida Ayub (mentor Tansy Forrest-Takano).

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