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Creating Healthy Places Ideas Competition

This year’s Green Infrastructure Week at the Garden Museum is supported by the Landscape Institute. As part of our Public Health and Landscape Project we are showcasing some of the best thinking on how to connect Green Infrastructure and public health.

We want your fresh ideas, built, unbuilt, even unbuildable – but demonstrating your most creative thinking on this important topic. Green walls, cycle lanes and play streets were all new ideas once: we want to know what a new generation of green visionaries will give to cities.

If you have a great idea but just need a platform on which to share it with colleagues then this could be your opportunity. Eight winners will be chosen to present their ideas for five minutes each at the Garden Museum on Friday 2 May, as part of their Green Infrastructure week.

Winners will also receive one ticket to a session of their choice and your idea will be featured in the Landscape Institute’s News and Reviews.


As cities develop and attain greater density, new and exciting ideas for how to make daily life more liveable are in demand. The Landscape Institute is focusing on ‘liveable cities’ as one of its main campaign platforms and has published five principles for the creation of healthy places as part of its work on public health. These are:

1. Healthy places improve air, water and soil quality, incorporating measures that help us adapt to, and where possible mitigate, climate change

2. Healthy places help overcome health inequalities and can promote healthy lifestyles

3. Healthy places make people feel comfortable and at ease, increasing social interaction and reducing anti-social behaviour, isolation and stress

4. Healthy places optimise opportunities for working, learning and development

5. Healthy places are restorative, uplifting and healing for both physical and mental health conditions

For further information on the liveable cities campaign, Green Infrastructure and public health, the following resources are available:

Promoting the liveable city – an article in the LI’s journal which examines the concept of the liveable city

The LI’s position statement Public Health and Landscape: creating healthy places

A video illustrating principle 3 of the five principles on the creation of healthy places: a place where people feel comfortable and at ease, fostering social interaction and reducing anti-social behaviour, isolation and stress

The LI’s Green Infrastructure page, which includes our position statement, campaign booklet for local communities and an animation on GI and its benefits.

How to enter

E-mail your Entry Form, statement and image to by 5 pm on Friday 11 April. Entries will only be accepted as electronic submissions.

Group submissions will be accepted but please note that, should you win, you will be given the same presentation time (ie: five minutes) as an individual entrant.

Anyone who would like to share their Green Infrastructure ideas is welcome to enter.


Entries can be based in a particular city around the world or propose methods, systems or elements that can be replicated in any dense city.

Entrants should assume that there are no constraints such as land ownership, land prices, budgets or health and safety concerns.

Entries can range from a series of interventions to bold landmark statements, but they must provide the public with a great outdoor experience.

Entries could include Green Infrastructure ideas that:

  • - improve the daily commute while encouraging physical activity
    - encourage local communities to make more use of outdoor spaces in their local area
    - increase access to healthy food and eating habits
    - show how our cities might be better designed to reduce stress

Submission format

  • - Completed Entry Form (if you cannot download this form, please request a copy and it will be e- mailed to you)
    - A short statement summarising your idea (minimum 250 words and maximum 500 words)
    - One image illustrating your idea (minimum 300 dpi in JPEG format)

The ownership of copyright in the work of all the competitors will be in accordance with the Copyright and Patent Act 1988; copyright rests with the author(s).

All press announcements related to the competition, shortlisted entries/entrants and the winner/winning design will to be managed by the Landscape Institute. Entrants must seek the prior permission of the Landscape Institute before they undertake any promotional activity relating to the competition.

Please note that the judges’ decisions are final. Feedback will not be provided on submissions.

Presentation information

Each winner will have five minutes presentation time, during which they can show a maximum of 15 slides.

Timing will be very strict and at the end of the five minutes presenters will be asked to leave the stage.

Winners are expected to develop their presentation and slides themselves and present to an audience made up of delegates at the Garden Museum’s Green Infrastructure Week conference on Friday 2 May.

There will be an opportunity, should you be interested, to rehearse your presentation and receive feedback at the Landscape Institute office in Central London on Friday 25 April. Return travel within the UK will be covered if necessary. Please note, this is not compulsory.

Presenters will be asked to e-mail their final slides through to by 5 pm on Thursday 1 May so they can be tested in advance of the session on Friday.


  • - Submission deadline: Friday 11 April 2014
    - Winner announced: Thursday 17 April 2014
    - Presentation practice date (at the Landscape Institute office in London): Friday 25 April 2014
    - Date of presentation: Friday 2 May 2014

Sabina Mohideen
T. 020 7685 2647

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