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This page lists events organised by the Landscape Institute.


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Landscape Institute Awards Ceremony: 27th November

The 2014 LI Awards Ceremony takes place on Thursday 27 November at the Bloomsbury Big Top in Central London.

The Landscape Institute Awards are presented annually to encourage and recognise outstanding examples of work by the landscape profession.

The LI Awards aim to:

  • Promote the art and science of landscape architecture
  • Advance the knowledge and understanding of the discipline
  • Celebrate professional expertise
  • Reward schemes that demonstrate a high level of commitment to sustainability

This year's shortlist will be announced at the start of October and the winners announced at the November Awards Ceremony.

For more information and to reserve your place, visit the Awards page.


BIM Masterclasses

The first LI BIM Masterclass will take place in BIrmingham on 17 November. Full details and a booking form can be found here.

The LI BIM Masterclass aims to demonstrate how BIM can be applied to a Landscape Architecture workflow showing examples of the process, how information is produced, managed and interrogated and touching on some of the benefits and opportunities which this process presents for Landscape Architects.

Since the LI ran a series of introduction to BIM seminars throughout 2012-13, members have been asking us to provide them with more detailed information on how to apply BIM to their projects. Therefore the LI BIM Working Group have prepared a series of regional 'Masterclass' events throughout the UK that will offer all our members the chance to attend and gain a better understanding of how the whole BIM process works.

The Masterclass events are aimed at those who would like to see practical examples of BIM processes for landscape, those who wish to enhance their existing knowledge of the subject and anyone wishing to learn about BIM for the first time. The ultimate aim is that all of our members will feel confident in applying BIM to their projects and discussing it with their clients and other consultants.

Visit the BIM Open Group page for more information on BIM.

Book here.

GLVIA training sessions

Training to introduce the third edition of the LI/IEMA Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.

Five training sessions are to be held around the country, led by Professor Carys Swanwick and Mary O’Connor CMLI.

London: 27th October 2014

Birmingham: 21st November 2014

Edinburgh: 5th December 2014

Manchester: 27th January 2015

London: 25th February 2015

Please note that tickets will go on sale seven weeks before each session.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand more about the changing context for landscape and visual impact assessment which has influenced the new guidance
  • Have gained an overview of the main changes in the new guidance
  • Have gained some understanding of the approach to key topics, notably assessing the significance of effects and cumulative effects assessment
  • Have explored, through a group exercise, the implications of some of the changes for current and future practice
  • Have had the opportunity to ask questions of those involved in preparing the new guidance and to share ideas and thoughts with other practitioners

For further information on the training sessions and on the leaders, download the flyer.



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Events in brief

27th October 2014

GLVIA training - London
Book here

17th November 2014

BIM Masterclass
Book here.

21st November 2014

GLVIA training - Birmingham
Book here.

21st November 2014

Awards Ceremony
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5th December 2014

GLVIA training - Edinburgh
Book here.

27th January 2015

GLVIA training - Manchester

25th February 2015

GLVIA training - London



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