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Pathway to Chartership

The Pathway to Chartership is the route to becoming a Chartered landscape professional.

It is an online system based on active learning and mentoring, and is assessed through an oral exam.

You must be a Licentiate member of the LI in order to register for the Pathway to Chartership.


Why become Chartered?

Chartered status confirms that you have the skills, knowledge, understanding and integrity needed to practice as a landscape professional in the UK. It gives formal recognition of professional standing, including rights across the EU.

Most employers look for Chartered status, or a commitment to achieving it, as an indication of quality and professionalism when recruiting new staff, and restrict the management of larger projects and contracts to those in the organisation who are fully qualified.


How does the Pathway to Chartership work?

Active Learning

  • The Pathway to Chartership is based on active learning and continual assessment. It focuses not just on knowledge, but on understanding how that knowledge is applied in real life contexts.
  • Candidates progress and develop at their own pace, taking ownership of their learning and seeking out opportunities for development. The Pathway to Chartership also takes into account previous learning and development.


  • The Pathway to Chartership provides a foundation for the rest of your career as a landscape professional - as long as you remain a member of the Landscape Institute you will be Chartered for life.
  • The syllabus is based on the six elements of practice defined by the LI. These are divided in core elements about key aspects of professional practice: Professional judgement, ethics and values; Organisation and management; Assessment; and Implementation. These core elements are supported by two underpinning elements focussing on the way you should approach professional practice: Options and strategies; Continuing Professional Development.
  • Please read the full Pathway to Chartership syllabus carefully, paying close attention to the definitions of the stages of knowledge required.


  • Candidates are mentored by a Chartered Member of the LI and also receive regular feedback from a supervisor.
  • A mentor is a qualified professional who will support you on the Pathway to Chartership. They will be the main person you will discuss your professional and personal development with, and will help you explore your understanding of the syllabus and reflect on what you have learnt.
  • Mentors must be current Chartered Members (CMLI) and have been at this level for at least 18 months.
  • It is always best to choose a mentor from your network of colleagues or contacts. Many candidates ask their manager to be their mentor, or someone else within their organisation. If there is no one suitable in your organisation, or you prefer to work with someone outside your immediate work context, that is completely fine. Try asking CMLI you have previously worked with, or contacting your Branch. If you cannot find a mentor from there, Talking Landscape has a group of people willing to mentor external or remote candidates. If you are still unable to find a mentor, please contact Alice Knight, Professional Development Officer, who may be able to help.

For further guidance on mentors and mentoring see the Pathway to Chartership Toolkit.

Oral exam

  • When you, your mentor, and your supervisor are happy that you can demonstrate you have developed sufficient knowledge and understanding of the entire syllabus, and can meet the requirements of Chartership, you may register for the final stage, the oral exam.
  • Exams take place twice a year in London and Manchester, normally in May and November.
  • To register for the May exam: Register and pay by 28 February
  • To register for the November exam: Register and pay by 31 August Deadlines for exam registration are non-negotiable.

Click here for more information about taking the exam.

Upcoming events

Updated April 2016

Before you register

- You must be a Licentiate member of the LI.- You must have chosen a mentor.

- Read through the Pathway to Chartership Guidebook.

To register

Go to the Pathway to Chartership website

As part of your registration you will be asked to:

- confirm you have read the Pathway to Chartership Guidebook

- upload your CV

- provide details of the Chartered member who has agreed to be your mentor

- pay the registration fee

- You must provide all of these details and payment at the same time - you cannot start registering and come back to it later.

All fees must be paid through the online Pathway to Chartership system and are non-refundable.

Our online payment system is provided by Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use this. If you have problems during your transaction please contact Paypal through their website

If you need a receipt for any of your Pathway to Chartership fees, you can download one from your online account, under My Details - Payments.

Training webinars

All: Introduction to Pathway
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Candidates: Refresher Training
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Candidates: Reflecting on your development
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Candidates: Preparing for the Exam
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Mentors: Mentoring for Beginners
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Mentors: Assessing your Candidate and the Initial Review
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Mentors: Refresher Training
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Pathway to Chartership queries
Alice Knight, Professional Development Officer
Phone: 020 7685 2654

Key Documents

Pathway to Chartership Guidebook

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Mentor user guide

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Pathway to Chartership Syllabus

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Pathway to Chartership resources

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Pathway to Chartership exam

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