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Landscape Institute Awards 2014


The 2014 LI Awards will take place in November. This page gives details of the awards process and key dates.


Burns + Nice Ltd | Leicester Square City Quarter, London

Winner, President's Award 2014
Burns + Nice Ltd | Leicester Square City Quarter, London


Deadline for entries

Entries must be submitted by Friday 4 July 2014.



This year's categories will be: 

  • Adding Value through Landscape
  • Design for a Small Scale Public Development
  • Design for a Medium Scale Public Development
  • Design for a Large Scale Public Development
  • Design for a Small Scale Private Development
  • Design for a Medium Scale Private Development
  • Design for a Large Scale Private Development
  • Communications & Presentation
  • Heritage & Conservation
  • Science, Management and Stewardship
  • Landscape Policy & Research
  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Strategic Landscape Planning
  • Urban Design and Masterplanning
  • Student Dissertation
  • Student Portfolio



  • Work completed during the ten year period to the end of June 2014 will be eligible for the 2014 Awards unless otherwise stated in the specific category details. Particular care should be taken to avoid entering schemes prematurely before they can be satisfactorily assessed. See individual categories for details.
  • Submissions entered for the Landscape Institute Awards must be the work of either an individual chartered member of the Landscape Institute or an office, department or section headed by a chartered member of the Institute.
  • Work may be entered for more than one award category provided the material submitted for each category is separate; relevant to the specific requirements of the award category; and is not duplicated in other entries. An Entry Fee must be paid for each category entered.
  • Work which has already received a Landscape Institute Award may not be re-entered in the same category for a period of five years.

Please read the Guide for Entrants for full details of categories open to professional members.

Student categories

The Student Guide for Entrants, which details the Student Portfolio and Student Dissertation categories, is available here.

To enter the student categories, please e-mail Sabina Mohideen.

Last updated 27 May 2014

Awards timetable 2014

Deadline for completed entries
Friday 4 July 2014, by 2 pm

Judging and site visits
July – October 2014

Deadline for receipt of awards ceremony confirmation forms
Friday 7 November 2014

Awards ceremony
Thursday 27 November 2014



General enquiries
Sabina Mohideen
Events and Competitions Manager
020 7685 2647

Paul Lincoln
Director of Policy and Communications
020 7685 2646

Press and PR
Caro Communications
Diane Hutchinson
020 7713 9388

Kat Hayes

Theresa Osen


About the LI Awards

The Landscape Institute Awards are presented annually to encourage and recognise outstanding examples of work by the landscape profession.

The LI Awards aim to:

- Promote the art and science of landscape architecture

- Advance the knowledge and understanding of the discipline

- Celebrate professional expertise

- Reward schemes that demonstrate a high level of commitment to sustainability


Why enter the LI Awards?

"LUC aim to submit to the LI Awards Programme every year, as we are keen to support the LI’s aim of awarding excellence in landscape design and management. The successful receipt of LI Awards is an important part of our practice's promotion of professional services" - Land Use Consultants

"Entering these prestigious awards affords an excellent way for landscape architects to communicate and share outstanding work with their peers and the honour of winning undoubtedly raises company profiles."
- LDA Design

"The LI Awards offer a fantastic opportunity for all landscape architects to showcase how we make a difference to the way places are designed and how people live. We should be proud of what we achieve as a profession and the awards help to drive the standards of design and landscape thinking while encouraging a healthy competitive spirit." - 

"Winning a Landscape Institute award can make a real difference when promoting our work, and what it takes to do it."
– Environment Agency


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