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Our short films and animations show how intelligent land use and good landscape design create places that benefit communities and the natural environment.


liveability animation

How can we work with the landscape to make liveable places?

How the liveability of our cities means designers and planners working with the landscape rather than against it.




Creating healthy places: Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

A short film about a piece of derelict railway land transformed into a thriving community garden. The project was featured in the LI policy statement 'Public health and landscape: creating healthy places' and is the first in a series of video case studies.



Water Sensitive Urban Design

How water-sensitive design tackles water scarcity, flooding and pollution.


giInvest in Green Infrastructure

What Green Infrastructure can do for local communities



I want to be a Landscape Architect

Considering a career in landscape? Start here.


Why invest in landscape?

Intelligent land use enables businesses across the UK to prosper

How to Prevent Flooding Film Ideas Competition

Why do we keep spending money putting homes and lives back together when we could spend it more effectively preventing the problem?

Watch the shortlisted films below. For more information, visit the Competitions page.


Water Boulevards


Water Boulevards


Living with the Sea


Living with the Sea

Flooding - A Bigger Picture


Flooding - A Bigger Picture

i-ngress: working together to alleviate flooding


i-ngress: working together to alleviate flooding


Underground Taming of Floods for Irrigation (UTFI)


Underground Taming of Floods for Irrigation (UTFI)

Transition to a Riparian Landscape


Transition to a Coastal Landscape: designing a flood resilient coastal settlement in Par Docks, Cornwall


Celebrating Water in the City


Celebrating Water in the City: an integrated strategy for flood alleviation along The Porter Brook


How to Prevent Flooding: an instructional ideas film


How to Prevent Flooding: an instructional ideas film

Landscape Futures


Our Landscape Futures lecture series brought together writers, activists, designers, technology experts and landscape practitioners. Their debates centred on the future of the landscape and the major themes affecting how our land is used and managed.



Valuing our Landscapes

26 November 2014



Speakers: Julie James AM, Deputy Minister; Prof Calvin Jones; Mary O'Connor; Dr. David Llewellyn.






Making the world we want

28 January 2014 Sheffield

What do we need to do now if we are to create a sustainable landscape for the future? This talk takes as its starting point Jonathon Porritt’s recent book 'The World We Made', which imagines what a sustainable society could look like in 2050.


Wales Landscape Futures lecture


Valuing our Landscapes


Jonathon PorrittJonathon Porritt
Forum for the Future

Pam Warhurst

Pam Warhurst
Incredible Edible Todmorden

How can we build beautiful places?
11 February 2014 Birmingham


What stops us from building beautifully? And what is needed to enable us to create beautiful places to live, in terms of both housing design and the spaces in-between?

Frazer Osment

Frazer Osment | LDA Design

mary parsons

Mary Parsons
Places for People

david birkbeck

David Birkbeck
Design for Homes






Landscape architects and students talk about what they do - and what a career in landscape means to them.

Videos from our careers site Be A Landscape Architect

iwtbAmy Strong | landscape student

iwtbAdam White | landscape architect

iwtbVarsha Halabe
assistant landscape architect

iwtb Mark Evans | landscape student

iwtbDebbie Israel | landscape student


Praise for 'Be A Landscape Architectt'

"Your video is incredibly well done and a fantastic tool which I use to explain the profession.

Thank you so much for making such lovely and wonderfully thorough presentations, which are acting as incredible teaching and public relations tools for the field of Landscape Architecture."

Christine Casanova, MLA, ASLA
Dept. of Landscape Architecture
Texas Tech University


The Olympic landscape legacy

ThumbnailThe Olympic Park: a landscape legacy

A short film which shows the transformation of the site.


olThe client perspective
John Hopkins and Phil Askew

olMasterplanning the Olympic site
Tom Smith, AECOM

olThe Olympic Gardens
Sarah Price, Sarah Price Consulting

olDelivering the Olympic Park
Neil Mattinson, LDA Design

olThe Olympic Village
Kym Jones, Applied Landscape Design

olEngineering the Olympics
Tom Armour, Arup

olThe ecology of the Olympic site
Dr Peter Shepherd, BSG Ecology

James Hitchmough and Nigel DunnettThe Olympic planting strategy
Prof. James Hitchmough and Prof. Nigel Dunnett, University of Sheffield

timThe Olympic soil strategy
Tim O'Hare, Tim O'Hare Associates

Peter Neal and Annie CoombsWriting the brief
Peter Neal and Annie Coombs

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