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About the Landscape Institute


The Landscape Institute is the Royal Chartered body for landscape architects. It is a professional organisation and educational charity working to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and built environment for the public benefit.  It accredits university courses and promotes professional development to ensure that landscape architects deliver the highest standards of practice.  The LI works with governments to improve the planning, design and management of urban and rural landscape.  Through its advocacy programmes and support to its members it champions landscape, and the landscape profession, in order to inspire great places where people want to live work and visit.


The Landscape Institute provides a professional home for all landscape practitioners including landscape designers, planners, scientists, managers and urban designers.




Inspiring great places: find our more about our work

Influencing government and policy


As a lead voice on landscape at a national level, we help guide government thinking and policy.


Our responses to national policy consultations | Green Infrastructure | Housing | Climate change

Stimulating debate and new ideas


Our events, awards, competitions, videos and journal provoke thought and inspire innovation.


Award-winning projects | Events | Videos | Journal | Competitions | Twitter


Disseminating knowledge


Our technical guidance and online knowledge resources promote good practice and set industry standards.


Publications | Downloads | GLVIA | Olympic Learning Legacy | BIM | Knowledge Base (LI Members' area only)


Promoting the work of LI members


We help clients commission landscape projects, and we show the benefits of good landscape.

Case studies | Guide for clients |

New projects | Why invest in landscape?


Advising on landscape careers


Young people, students and career changers can find out more about options in the landscape profession.


Become a landscape architect | Student Landscape Institute Council |

Careers in landscape


Raising professional standards


Chartership, CPD and Registered Practices give an assurance of high levels of professional practice.


CPD events | Becoming chartered | Code of Conduct


Last updated 3 July 2015

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Landscape architecture is...

"Landscape architecture is rooted in an understanding of how the environment works and what makes each place unique. It is a blend of science and art, vision and thought.
It is a creative profession skilled in strategic planning, delivery and management. Landscape architects bring knowledge of natural sciences, environmental law and planning policy. They lead teams, engage stakeholders and manage
conflicting demands. And they create delight with beautiful designs, protecting and enhancing our most cherished landscapes and townscapes".

from 'Landscape architecture: a guide for clients', 2012


"All aspects of the science, planning, design, implementation and management of landscapes and their environment in urban and rural areas and the assessment, conservation, development, creation and sustainability of landscapes with a view to promoting landscapes which are aesthetically pleasing, functional and ecologically and biologically healthy and which when required are able to accommodate the built environment in all its forms"

from the LI's Royal Charter of Incorporation, 1997

Library and archive


The LI's library and archive collections are now housed at the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) at the University of Reading.



The archive collection is being digitised and catalogued. Please contact MERL with any queries about the collection:

LI Library and Archive at MERL can be accessed here.


LI MERL liaison
Emma Wood
Branch & Membership Support Officer
0207 685 2657


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